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facebook emoticons american flag,fb emoticons american flag

Author: fb covers Published date: 2012-11-07
free facebook emoticons american flag,fb emoticons american flag for status
facebook emoticons american flagfacebook emoticons american flag
fb emoticons american flagfb emoticons american flag
1:Khud ko khud ki khabar na lagay,Koi achha bhi is qadar na lagay,Aap ko dekha hai bas us nazar se,Jis nazar se aap ko nazar na lagay.

2:The Person Whom U Loved More Than Ur Lyf Comes Into Ur Life For Either Of The Two Reasons. 1.To Love You Forever Or To Teach You, Not To Love Again Ever.:-(

3:3:30am 99 missed calls 1 new number It’s me….Just to remind u That I am missing you.

4:Look left
Look right
Look back
I am not there
Look into ur heart
U will find me there in form of sweet remeberies Broken Heart

5:for those who dont understand urdu the meaning of “BAJI” is ELDER SISTER.Usne kaha kon ho Tum?Usne kaha kon ho Tum?Mai ne kaha Hasrat Tumari.Usne kaha Taktey ho kya?Mai ne kaha Surat Tumhari.Us ne kaha kartey ho kya?Mai ne kaha Pooja Tumhari.Usne kaha Kaafir ho kya?Mai ne kaha aisa hi sahi.Usne kaha chatey ho kya?Mai ne kaha Mohabbat Tumhari.Usne kaha Pachtaoge,Mai ne kaha KismatHamari.Usne Kaha Married hoon mai.Mai ne kaha Sorry BAJI
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