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facebook status updates about god

Author: fb status Published date: 2012-12-08
Best facebook status updates about god for your fb status
facebook status updates about god
Knowing the bible is knowing the author.
We look for visions of heaven, but we never dream that, all the time, God is in the commonplace things and people around us. - Oswald Chambers
Just because I don't accept every date I'm asked for doesn't make me cold hearted. The person who is right for me has to have God in their life BIG TIME~
if your reading this i wanna let you know God loves you:)
God gave you everything you need to help yourself so don't sit back and expect God to do it for you.
Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms his child.
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, & thank him for all he has done.
Life's greatest treasure is not gold, jewels or works of art. It can't be held in your hands - God is held within your heart and will ALWAYS be there for you!
I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow.

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Be grateful if God answers your prayer. But, be more grateful when God makes you the answer to someone else's prayer.
impossible isn't a word its just a reason for someone to not try!:) so never say nothing is impossible because everything is possible with God on your side:)
Don't be afraid to put your dreams in action. Realize that God protects you from any harm and if you put your mind to it you can do ANYTHING.
My life is full... God, Faith, Love, Happiness, Laughter, Family and Friendship! Simply put...I'm Blessed! ;~))
When you are having a bad day, and have alot to complain about.. Please keep in mind Jesus' last day.

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